What is Corrosion Resistance

Technology typically used in construction in coastal areas with high salinity in the air, industrial areas, construction of marine structures & in areas with high acid content in the air.

Corrosion resistance is the combination of carbon, copper & chromium.  CRS are most suited for foundations to take on the coastal, humid & environment conditions prone to corrosion.

Advantages of XDCRS TMT

  1. Cost effective
  2. Higher bonding strength
  3. Corrosion resistance
  4. 100% consistency
  5. Unique customization
  6. Finer micro-structure
  7. Superior metallurgical properties
  8. Best form-ability
  9. Earthquake & seismic resistance
  10. Better weld-ability
  11. Bending properties
  12. Precise gauge
  13. Fire resistance
  14. Higher strength
  15. Perfect roundness

The resultant findings are the key to the development of Tirumala CRS Steel TMT Bars.

Tirumala TMT bars have also launched XDCRS quality of TMT bars, for inquiry you can call us at: +91 75500 10000.

PFI Tirumala TMT Steel

Prakash Ferrous Industries Pvt. LTD – PFI Tirumala TMT Steel is South India’s most trust TMT Bars. Present in almost 1000 outlets in South India and is also exported to countries like Sri Lanka, Maldives, UAE, Kenya and Seychelles.

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